Junior Tennis Lessons & Tournaments

Programs for Juniors in Tennis
The Claremont Club offers many programs for juniors in tennis. Our Elite Team has some of the top ranked juniors in the nation. Our Tournament Team has many different levels from kids starting out in Satellite Tournaments all the way to kids that have achieved success in Junior Open Tournaments and have a ranking. We believe in getting kids in game situations early in their development (Rising Stars) so they have an understanding of strategy. The Future Stars rounds out our programs, which starts out as beginners developing a good foundation and making it fun.
Competition Training Center (CTC)
The Claremont Club is honored to be the home of the San Gabriel Valley USTA Competition Training Center (CTC). Barry Friedman is the Director of our CTC (one of six in Southern California), with Darren Richer, and Lionel Rival, rounding out the coaching staff. The CTC is a USTA program that invites the best 9 to 12 year olds in the area to train together. Over the last few years many of our players here at The Claremont Club have gone on to excel in tennis because of their training in CTC. Keep your eye on our local talent because the USTA uses this program to pick the next crop of future U.S. Champions.
Grand Prix
One of our most successful programs has been the Friday night Grand Prix. For many juniors, this is the first real experience in playing in a competitive situation. The requirement to get in this program is being proficient at making a serve and being able to sustain a rally. Rising Stars Level II and Tournament Team II players are the students that are eligible for this Grand Prix experience.
Future Stars & Rising Stars
It depends on the maturity of the boy or girl but we start many kids at 4-years-old in our Future Stars tennis program. Kids 4-to 6-years-old are invited to get their start in tennis in this program which focuses on movement, coordination, judgement, basic strokes, and having fun! Next are the Rising Stars, Level I, for 7-14 year olds, which introduces players to serving and tactics. In these clinics the drills are faster and have more movement. Rising Stars, Level II is a program that is designed for players to start match play. The serve and ability to sustain a rally is the barometer to be in this group. This is the level where kids start playing the Grand Prix (Fridays at 6:30 pm) and earn points and compete for trophies.
1 time per week
  • Members $70
  • Non-Members $78
2 times per week
  • Members $120
  • Non-Members $136
Tournament Team
The next category for kids who have advanced through the Rising Stars program is the Tournament Team Players group. At Tournament Team Level 1, kids are starting to hit more effectively to the sides and even come to the net. They are starting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their opponents. USTA Junior Team Tennis, Novice Level Satellite Tournaments, as well as Grand Prix, are the different ways the Tournament Team players start to compete. Level II is for kids who are dedicated to playing tournaments and competing at a higher level. At Level II, Tournament Team Players are starting to win and experience some success in competition. These players are winning a couple of rounds in most satellite tournaments and are starting to play at the open level. Many of these players are starting to earn a sectional ranking by winning matches at the open level.  Their game styles and how they win is clearly defined.
1 time per week
  • Members $120
  • Non-Members $136
2 times per week
  • Members $210
  • Non-Members $228
The Elite Program
The Elite Program is our flagship program. Top ranked players, in Southern California, are invited to join our Elite Program. Everyone accepted into this program has a proven track record of performing and winning at the highest level. These players have perfected their strokes and are focusing on strategies, match situations and the mental aspects of the game. Many of these players go on to play national tournaments.
1 time per week
    Members $120
    Non-Members $136

2 times per week
    Members $210
    Non-Members $228

Cancellations: Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours before class starts or you will be charged.
Payments: Must be received at the time of sign-up. Phone registration must be accompanied by payment.
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